Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Again - My Way

I love poetry because it's a way to release all of my pain
A way to express all that I've lost and gained

A way of speaking without the need of my lips
To move or my mouth to open

A vocal ink
An emotional sheet

Fast paced hand and fingers
With an adventurous grip
To ride the waves of my fundamental mind
Memories of an era of time

Experienced thoughts,
Imagination mixed with the words and pictures
That create descriptions, elegies, non-fiction,
Fiction, children stories, writing period and last
  but not at all least, poetry

I could never stop writing poetry
For I would surely die
Poetry is my;

Way of livng

Freedom of speech
My way to speak
My way of giving gifts of wisdom
Words of encouragement

My way of discerning
My way of teaching
My way of learning

My way of changing
My way of not blaming
Anyone for what I do

And rationalize; take responsibility
For my actions so I guess you could say

The pen is my knee and the paper is the altar,
The pew,

My poems are the biblical contents of my soul
To express, better yet confess

Ask for forgiveness

With hopes that He'll hear me
And I'll be renewed
Until another sin

That starts me to shed tears
Return to my notebook and pen
To express--better yet confess . . .

All over again my way

**This is a poem published in the book I Just Want to Write, written by Until on page 28. If you would like to purchase the book please visit the website at www.untilnomore.net.

Dr. Maxine Thompson interviews Until...

Did you catch my interview with Dr. Thompson? If not please visit the website to hear me discuss my inspirations,  what writing means to me and the feedback I've been getting back on my very first book. Thank you for your support and may you enjoy this interview as I did.

To purchase I Just Want to Write please visit www.untilnomore.net. See you soon.

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