Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We Want to Hear Your Voice

I have to say, I had an amazing time at the We Want to Hear Your Voice event which was a music networking mixer put together by the Kind-Hearted Compassion and Action Foundation. The performers were Allah the Emcee, Mary Jane Harris, Apollo Bebop "Hip Hop" Jazz Band, Austin Brito and last but certainly not at all least, Author and Poet Until graced the stage again performing her fan favorite poems. 

One being the premiered piece from the event last year that
received much praised at the Elevate Genius Gala called "Dreams "Are meant to be lived" part II and another that induced her poetry career back in 2007 and was her most requested segment at her poetry resident at Poetic Uprising Series at Max Blooms Cafe recently ending this year in  Fullerton, California was "Gotta' Go, Gotta' Leave (Inspired by Vivian Green). 

We Want to Hear Your Voice was hosted in the city of Santa Ana, California in GCS Clothing Store that host paintings by various artists, really cool graffiti and designed branded t-shirts. A great time had by all. A freestyle session took place with Allah the Emcee and Apollo Bebop with ad-lib's from Mary Jane Harris and DJ Kaipo from Bone Thugs n Harmony smashed it. Please see the pictures listed below:

If you would like to hear any of these artists please see their links below:

Allah the Emcee - is on Spotify and Itunes (But stay tuned I couldn't find his information).

As for me, well, you already know that if you would like to read the poems that I've recited. You can visit the following Poetry Until Blog at If you would like to hear the Spoken Word CD that comes free when you purchase the book with the same title, you can visit

Last but not least you can purchase the book at **Here is a secret there are only five (5) copies left. When they are gone, they are gone. No more, on to the next book.

Enjoy and remember - Dreams "Are meant to be lived'.



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