Monday, December 28, 2015

Dreams "Are meant to be lived" part II

I hold fast to dreams
Like Langston Hughes told me to
Glad he did because I would've died
Long before they were supposed to

'Cause when life gets in the way
Depending on how your cards are laid
It is so easy to become discouraged and dismayed

Yet and still, I hold fast to dreams
Because they are always trying to escape
Through the windows of situations, circumstances,
 tragedies and un-expectancies

I shall not let them go
I shall not let them leave
I know my life is more than
what it currently perceives

My dreams are my proof
My dreams are my youth

For if I let them die
Old I will become
Sinking in regret
Thinking of only the ability and
 potential I had

Never did I pursue
Never did I use
Never did I do....

Anything with it
I let sky be my limit
When I could've went way beyond stars

But I shall not be that rocking chair woman
with only wisdom and lemonade to give
I shall live

By making my dreams palpable, a reality.
Build, create a legacy, of my inner me.

So, I shall hold fast to dreams
Be all that I can be
No matter the obstacle
I will never let them stop me

Because my dreams, my journey (s)
Are meant to be..... Lived.

 (c) 2015
Written by Until...

This poem was premiered in a series called "Poetic Uprising" at Max Blooms in Fullerton, California. It was there she met the Founder of a foundation called Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action and was asked to perform this poem for an upcoming event. The event was called "Elevate Genius" which happened on December 12, 2015 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. Presented by Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Foundation in which Until is also a part of.

 This poem was met with great applause. If you would like to purchase the poem or Until's book called "I Just Want to Write" please visit her website at and to find out more about the foundation and event, please visit the website at

 "Follow your dreams, because when you're happy, everyone in your life benefits. You can't beat it, happiness is contagious." ~ Until...

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Elevate Genius - Greatly Successful..

 Dreams "Are meant to be lived"
I Just Want to Write supporters! Hey there, it's me Until. Can I tell you that I had an amazing time at "Elevate Genius." Though they worked me to death, lol, (cause I was wearing many hats that night), I gotta' say, it was all worth it. I got my red carpet interview as you will be able to check out below and I got a chance to premiere and perform my latest poem called Dreams "Are meant to be lived" part II and it was a roaring hit. God is good. If I told you the backstory to all of it, you'd be saying God is good too.
Even though all of that was great, I'm more proud that my message was received. There were so many people after my performance who came up to me to let me know that my poem, my message was powerful and they got it, they will follow their dreams. The killing part is, it's not like they weren't (I mean assuming that almost everyone has drive) but I think my poem, reiterated to them, don't slack, don't give up, keep moving, keep going and you will arrive. You will achieve what you've been working so hard for.
Often, our dreams somewhere along the way dissipate and dissolve into nothing and it's because of all the uncontrollable variables that life throws our way, 'til we become so bogged down, that our dreams become a non-factor. But we have to push through and look beyond that, no matter what or how, we must achieve it. Simply because, our dreams are who we are, if don't have them, who are we? Simply put, our dreams is our hope, that there is something beyond what we are currently seeing, living and breathing; and with hope.. there is always a light at the end of the tunnel in our view.
So remember:
Dreams "Are meant to be lived"
 (poem post coming soon)
Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Foundation presents:
"Elevate Genius"
Yost Theater
Santa Ana, California
December 12, 2015
Author and Poet Until
I Just Want to Write!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My I Just Want to Write Readers...

Hey beautiful people! Until  here. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. I'm often amazed how many states are really paying attention and taking the time to read anything about me. You've made me feel amazing. Especially since "I Just Want to Write!" is my baby and is the soul extension of me.
So I would like to give a warm "Thank you" to the following: United States, Russia, Germany, India and Jamaica.
You all be blessed.
Love Until...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Poet and Author
"Elevate Genius Gala"
Presented by
Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Foundation
Saturday - December 12th of 2015
5:30pm to 10:30pm
Yost Theater
307 N. Spurgeon Street
Santa Ana, California 92701

Sharing with friends...

Hello my I Just Want to Write Readers!
I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I promise I've been crazy busy and you all are about to see just what I've been up, involving myself with and soon launching. I really don't like to discuss all the time of what I'm trying to do because the way it works for me, honestly, is that once I announce what I'm currently working on, sometimes, just because I announced, an obstacle appears and then I'm pushed back, paused, yielded for a moment.
So, I don't want that. (As I chuckle to myself). Well, as you probably know I'm already a little behind but I hope that didn't make you feel like you needed to stop checking my blog for updates. Because you need to know, with me, there is always going to be an.....UPDATE! (Laughter, and no I'm not yelling).

I just wanted to chat with you for a second because I haven't spoken to you in a minute. I hope all my readers are doing well, I hope you are having lovely holidays and not making plans to follow your dreams... you're just following them. I'm following mine and for those of you that bought the book, already know that. Well loves, stay tuned as I'm about to share a new post about my next event.

Until my fingers meet with the keypad again, I will return. Remember....

Poetry is me. Therefore I am Poetry.
Author of I Just Want to Write!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Until's Book of the Week - Is Back!!!

Guess what everyone? "Until's Book of the Week" is back!!! No more hiatus. You can now catch her segment "Until's Book of the Week" every Saturday at 1:35 pm on the OMG Radio Show hosted by Shelly Ward from 12pm to 2pm on or 1680 am.

If you would like to sponsor or advertise your book on the radio as a feature for the "Until's Book of the Week" segment, and would like to know more about Until's advertising and sponsorship packages; please inbox Ms. Alethea Reece for more information at 

"Until's Book of the Week" would like to thank their first Sponsor "Morgan Bailey Premium Coffee and Tea." Please visit their website at

Remember, it's not how much you read, it's what you read. As well as the coffee you drink. ~Until

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Poetic Uprising (August) Pictures

"A Poetic Uprising"
August 1st of 2015 
Max Blooms Cafe Noir
Fullerton, California
Signature Pieces Performed:
I gotta' go. I gotta' leave. Drunken Spill, 
Until No More, How to Love and book title "I Just Want to Write!" (Closer Poem)
Photo Credit: Kim C. Martin Photography 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Poetic Uprising Featuring Author and Poet, Until...

Save The Date: September 5th of 2015

Prepare to be Poetically Aroused
As we enter your mind
Leave you suspended in time
for a minute or two. 

Until the next Poet
and the next poet and the next
poet... That's what we do!
Poet Rock Stars


Featuring the host:
Jason Fairhurst Wall
Author Until
and more.....



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