Monday, November 6, 2017

Poetry . . . My first love

Hey there my beautiful readers and lovers of poets and poetry!

You all know that I'm a Poet and now an author of my first poetry edition called "I Just Want to Write!" which was published in the year of 2014, and what a wonderful journey. That book alone brought me many joys and opportunities considering before then, it had been awhile since I'd been in the poetry world. But what some don't know is that I've always been a writer and though gratefully being a writer has always brought about new waves of things to try that had to do with my many other interests, it seems that sometimes, my other endeavors overshadow me as a poet. 

So I actually had to return my focus soulfully back to just poetry for a moment and put my stamp back where it belongs. Now, I must at admit, indulging in my other dream-goals is amazingly satisfying and it can become so easy for me to twine myself in them but, poetry is and always will be my first love. So, this is why we're here, below I wanted to share with you, the reviews from a few people who's seen me perform.  

Though I don't mind being viewed as those other thingummies, I just want you to remember what you know me for first. Poetry is first always, and I want you to keep in mind to remember: 

"Poetry is me. Therefore I am Poetry"

Until . . .

Until is one of the most thought-provoking poets around.

I have had the absolute privilege of seeing and hearing Until perform live several times now. I have two favorite living poets; Until is one of them. Her verse dances in your mind long after she's done performing it, and she always leaves me wanting more; that's the earmark of a gifted artist.
- Jason Fairhurst Wall
  • Soon to be legendary!
I have seen this young lady perform before she is awesome. Her style is not like all the poets you see today and that's what makes her so refreshing. Her poems give you a visual as if she is painting on canvas. She has to be my favorite poet of this generation, I'm sure one day she will be considered one of the greats!
Oh yeah If you don' believe me you can purchase her book of poetry on Amazon or her website.
  • -- Shaun Brown

Something To Hold On To

Until's poetry is a sensory experience. Her initial words set the table - as you sit down for the verbal feast every tone has a taste and the sweet smell of truth and wisdom. I look forward to her next engagement.
  • -- Chandra Chatmon

Spoken Elegance, Beautiful Enigma, Consummate Professional

If you're looking for a show-stopper, look no further. Until's spoken word poetry is a beautiful enigma in that it is at the same time both elegant and raw while also being intelligent and revealing. As you can imagine, this dynamic combination makes for a compelling performance.
In August 2015, my colleagues and I invited Until to be Poet in Residence for our A Poetic Uprising monthly poetry show held in Downtown Fullerton. She is a consummate professional as she is punctual, respectful of others, up front about what she will deliver and what she requires to give a good show (great lighting and decent sound equipment).
I was so impressed with her professionalism, I hired her to host one of the shows when my host fell ill. She filled in like a champ and the show went off without a snag.
The best way for anyone to understand exactly what a talented, creative, and inspiring artist Until is, is to read her words, watch her videos, and then book her for your next event! You will be ever so glad you did.
--Kim C Martin

Outstanding Spoken Word Artist

Flawless, smooth, outstanding delivery by this spoken word artist. Until No More has a distinctive style that separates her from the rest. Her words are truthful, the emotion behind them sincere. Until excels in her craft to be one of the best poetess in our time and it shows. Much continued success to Until as she continues to inspire others with her poetry.
  • -- Charles Chatmom

Depth and Authenticity
Until takes poetry and storytelling to the depths of the human psyche, where spirit and soul meet the collective unconscious. An avid writer since childhood, she brought the audience to laughter and tears in turns. She worked together with a band that backed her up and accented and improvised to her soulful words.
-- Daniel Hofmann

Hold fast to dreams...for dreams to die

I’ve had the honor to perform as a musician with “UNTIL” a couple of times. Her words are real. Her words go deep and leave a mark. You’ll remember them because you needed to hear them, to feel them, to inhale them. Go and look for her tour schedule and join her on her poetic journey. You’ll never forget.
  • -- Juergen Anthony Riedelsheimer

Powerful, thought-provoking, and moving poet and voice

I have had the privilege and honor to hear and witness Until's poetry and spoken word Her poetry is magnetic and powerful and comes from a place deep within her and echoes with authenticity. To be in her presence as she shares her poetry and her voice is an incredible experience!
  • --  Dr. Sonia Singh

Awesome Poet

I've had the opportunity to see Until perform numerous times . She is a delight to watch as she performs.Her poems are very touching and she knows what real poetry is . I would definitely go to another performance of Until No More . Applause 👏 Applause
  • -- Harmony
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