Monday, December 19, 2016

L.A. Black Parent Magazine Interviews Author and Poet Until..

Hey everyone!

It's me! How are you? Are you guys ready for the Holidays? I know I'm not. I have not even began my Christmas shopping yet. 😩 Hey, don't judge me. LOL!😏 Well anyway, just wanted to share some good news. I have been featured by the L.A. Black Parent Magazine with my article called the "Fun Zone" and not to mention, they interviewed me as well.

So, click the link below and read my article and my interview and tell me what you think, okay? I would like to hear your feedback. Who knows, you might get spotlighted😄:

By the way, you should read the whole magazine, as it is wonderful. Great financial information, new authors and much much more. I would also like to Thank L.A. Black Parent Magazine for the interview and Michelle Shannon for the article feature.

Have a great day, wonderful rest of the week and happy holidays!

Fondly, Until (As always, thank you for reading)

Oh, P.S if you've scrolled down this far. I will be performing once again at the Blue Beet in Newport Beach with a new group called "RedShift". Details coming soon. :)


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