Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"I'm Free"

The last few years of my life I had begun to hold grudges and just take in everything that would hurt me. But I realized that if I don't forgive others, God, in turn will not forgive me. So I made amends with myself and to the people who have hurt me.

I learned that by holding it all in you're actually allowing them to control you. So, I wrote it down and let it go. I no longer have any grudges toward anyone anymore. I'm free!

**An excerpt from the poetry edition entitled: "I Just Want to Write!" by Until
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Struggles (will you overcome) excerpt

"Ever since I laid eyes upon that book and allowed my eyeballs to dance from page to page I've been inspired-stayed inspired, and I kept that book in mind when I came close to completion of my own project. On June 18th of 2005 I called Borders and special ordered that book to have my very own original copy. On June 20th I received my book and I'm happy to have it upon my bookshelf and be able to refer to it whenever I'm in need.

The book is called "For Writers Only" by Sophy Burnham; for it was inspirational, also a guide in my opinion for newly emerged writers such as myself, to pick and choose what's for you and hear about other people's mistakes and opinions of what some of the late greats thought about the lonely profession of writing through quotes from their previous work. That book was something I felt I needed since I was embarking upon an old but new journey, a long awaited dream of mine."

Author Until
Excerpt from her book  "I Just Want to Write!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dimensionally Yours: Poet, Writer, Entrepreneur and Now Turned Author, Until...

Hello Everyone:

Thanks for coming to explore my "Entrepreneurial Blog." This new inserted piece that I'm posting today is about me. I wanted to share a little of who I am, what I do, so you can get an idea of what I'm into. Not only that, but to learn more about entrepreneurial gems that you might have been looking for. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you, to, ME.

A lot of you  may know me for many dimensions, but not quite all of them. As some of you already know the basics. My name is Quanda R. Graves better known by my pseudonym Until and I am the literary columnist and journalist for the California Crusaders Newspaper (CCN), as well as a contributing writer to Brutha Magazine. However, that's not all. Did you know that I was a poet long before all of the articles and other creative missions? Well, I am. I started writing poetry at the tender age of twelve and from there, its been writing poetry, writing since. You can find my poetry and articles on many websites, printed in a few magazines and on a few spoken word Cd's, on itunes.

Being a person that loves creativity, volunteering and indulging in many endeavors, I would say my life is a dream that I am working hard to bring to fruition. That's why you can see me in many places. I am the youth director for an organization called "The Los Angeles Black Book Expo (LABBX), as well as host my very own YouTube channel entitled Until TV; where you can see interviews conducted by yours truly, of celebrities, authors and more. For those who don't know, I also co-host a radio show called Until & Harmony Live which is currently on hiatus but will be back on the air at the end of the year, though I will also began hosting my very own radio show coming to you in the latter, entitled QS Radio.

Furthermore, I host several blogs and Facebook pages and have created a parent company with several businesses under it's umbrella. Yes, that's right, I am an Entrepreneur. The parent company is Quanda'Significance LLC (QS) and the sub businesses are some of the following: QS:Writers Group, a company that specializes in creative writing projects, QS Images is a photography company, U-Press Release is a blog that advertises and hosts press releases, Serious Business is a blog for companies to advertise and hosts their businesses, and Black Swan Publishing is for self publishing authors.  These are some of the same businesses you already see listed on this entity.

Now, back to poetry. Last but not at all least, I have just recently completed a long awaited dream of mine. I am now happy to share, well really announce, that I have now joined the elite of self publishers and can call myself an author of my very first poetry edition. The title of my book, "I Just Want to Write!" The publishing date is July 31st of 2014 and will be available as an e-book as well as printed copies. To pre-order your copy now, please visit  my website at

As much as I've shared with you here, I still have more, but this is all I am ready to allow you to know, right now. *smile* As you can see I've dimensionally invested in myself and working toward more. Now that I'm launching piece by piece of me, I thought it would be a good idea to compress most of what I do in one blog. I hope now you have a clearer understanding of me.

Below this article please see the links to my creative joys. Moreover, let me leave you with this, remember entrepreneurship is a way to create your own lane with the gifts you possess. The more baskets you have for your eggs to be placed in, in the end you'll be ok. I'm building an empire with hopes to leave an imprinted mark of me to be left behind and an income that won't be too shabby when it's time for me to rest these bones, how about you?

Until my fingers meet with the keys again may your entrepreneur spirit live on.

Love always,

I Just Want to Write!

U-Press Release

Serious Business

QS: Writers Group
QS Images

Black Swan Publishing Presents...

Their first new author:

 Introducing her highly anticipated very first poetry edition entitled;

"I Just Want to Write!"
Publishing date is July 31st of 2014. To pre-order your copy
please visit her website at

"We are excited to have such a wonderful author on our roster. When we first received her manual script, we couldn't believe the creativity, the wisdom and joy we got from reading it. We knew then, we had someone special, and we do hope you feel the same. We at Black Swan Publishing care about real editions, real words, real messages and most of all creativity with positivity. Until, from us to you, thank you for "I Just Want to Write!" as we here at Black Swan Publishing were very moved by your words and that is why we published you, because your publishing home believes in you."

 ~Black Swan Publishing (BSP)

There's a New Bard in Town...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________
Contact: Alethea Reece

 U (Press Release) - August 9, 2014
With a new book along with a Spoken Word Poetry CD now and Wow!!!
LOS ANGELES, CA--It is no mystery that ever since poet and writer Quanda R. Graves better known as Until, self-published her very first poetry edition; I Just Want to Write! It has been receiving great feedback. Ten years in the making and finally, July 3rd 2014, a dream come true. 

Now, what seems to be getting more of a buzz is not just her presentation of what customers receive when purchasing her book, but the free spoken-word poetry CD that comes inside of the package. Just like the book, this is also Until's very first spoken-word poetry CD project and she wanted them to go hand in hand. 

Word has it that people are in love with the creativity of it all.  Until states in her own words;

 "This CD illustrates what is known to be my moniker which is "Poetry is me. Therefore I am Poetry." When listening to this CD you will feel my heart, soul and my essence. Art, in its purest form. May you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it and putting it together." 

What people are saying about Until's spoken-word poetry CD is that not only do they love her poetry, they say it's original and ultra creative and most of all they enjoy her voice. To purchase Until's book "I Just Want to Write!" please visit her website and to hear her spoken-word poetry CD project please check out the video listed below:

The Newly Turned Author, Until...

Presents her very first poetry edition entitled:

"I Just Want to Write!"

Publishing date July 31, 2014. To pre-order your copy now please visit her website at

Until's Book Synopsis

"I Just Want to Write!-is a collection of poems and essays created to imprint the journey of my love affair with the three P's; pen, paper, and pencil. Which illustrates my dreams, ambitions and desires; with hopes of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting all who will read it. This is my soul inscribed for all to bear."

Black Swan Publishing Presents...



       Poet, Writer, Radio Personality, Now turned Author 


Bringing forth her very first poetry edition entitled

                  "I Just Want to Write!"

Publishing date is July 31st of 2014. If you would like to 
Pre-order your copy now please visit Until's website at, Writer, Radio Personality, Now turned Author



Bringing forth her very first poetry edition entitled

"I Just Want to Write!"

Publishing date is July 31st of 2014. If you would like to Pre-order your copy now please visit Until's website at


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