Thursday, March 12, 2015

HBO Access Writing Fellowship Submission

 I tried to do the HBO Access Writing Program Submission: But something happened with the site and then all kinds of other complications. So, I was not sad, just looked at it as, it was not meant to be. However it was a great experience because it was a writing exercise to answering their question "How has your background influenced your story telling?" I enjoyed writing about it. Please see below:

How Has Your Background Influenced Your Story Telling?

The question was raised; how has your background influenced your storytelling? The answer is simple, my family and friends, television, elementary school and my imagination. As a child, my family always shared stories of plenty, experiences were many and that was quite exciting to me. Because, if you knew my family, you’d know that no story is boring, for animation and demonstrations play a big part in delivery. It was then I learned that there were different types of fun and intensity when it came to furnishing a narrative.  

So, when I began elementary school, turns out, writing was apart of me, actually it’s who I am. I won a few essay contests and it was there I honed my aptitude of combining my animated yet fun inherited personality with the ability to create pictures with words. An illustrational art form I’d manifest on paper. My own experiences with friends in and out of school while growing up were memorable and as those moments passed I would relive them in my head time and time again to hold onto what it was for me. I would write about them to immortalize my monumental moments and feelings to keep, and you can say that was the beginning of me knowing just how powerful writing could be.

I began to love and cherish everything. Life became my biggest inspiration because I knew I could form my world the way I wanted it to be seen, through my eyes but from my perspective, and how liberating. From the most painful heartbreak, to seeing a beautiful butterfly flutter by, or someone passing away, I’m engulfed by it all. My indulgence is great. I find it astonishing how you could imagine something and make it apparent, or remember a food you tasted years ago and can instantly taste it again and make people feel this with words. Wow! That is strong; what a pinnacle point to arrive at, and when you add reading and writing to the equation, that is truly what made my imagination even more vivid, with a mixture of mild and dramatic, sometimes enhanced with a sweet edge. This is why I always say writers rule the world, because they can make you feel any way they want to, persuade you to think and see differently, they have control and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I’m proud to be apart of that club. As you can see my background is colorful without in depth detail, I still believe I should have resonated with you, at least my writing should have.


Though true enough my background doesn’t reek of many accolades (in society) to solidify being an official writer, however, my passion, imagination, animation, brightness, cleverness and just my love of/for writing; allows me to be open, provides me fast catching ability with the right guidance and direction, makes me a great candidate.

This is how my background influenced my storytelling.


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