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Until No More says, I Just Want To Write!

With her latest book, I Just Want to Write!, Not only is Until No More becoming a name in the literary world, but she’s making her mark as a reporter and talk show host. In this interview, Until shares her views on writing, poetry and her upcoming projects.
Thanks for taking time out to speak with us. Let’s know more about Until No More. Who are you?
My name is Quanda R. Graves but I’m better known by my pseudonym “Until.” I am first and foremost a poet as well as a journalist and literary columnist for the California Crusader Newspaper that coincides with my Youtube Channel and assisted blog entitled Until TV.
How long have you been writing?
I have been writing for over twenty years (20).
What inspired you to write your book I Just Want to Write!?
What inspired me to write my book entitled “I Just Want to Write!” was this book called “Round the Corner” by the Bankstreet Reader Group, published in 1965. It was the first book I had ever purchased at my first book fair in my elementary school at 6 years old; in which I still possess, that still provides great inspiration.
What steps did you take to get your book published?
The steps I took to publish my latest works (which is my first edition) was the following: 1.) I wrote the book 2.) Found two editors 3.) Sought out a Graphic Design artist to manifest my vision for my book cover. 4.) Filed a DBA (doing business as) for the name I created for myself as I chose to be a self-publisher “Black Swan Publishing” 5.) Purchased my ISBN number under my company’s name. 6.) Purchased formatting, Distributing, ebook and paperback copy services from Create Space. Let them post it on Amazon. 7.) Created my own website attached to my Paypal and did my marketing and PR with the contacts I have. Not all in this order but that is the just.
What’s your favorite part of I Just Want to Write?
My favorite part was the whole process. Because I love to learn, there was a lot that I was enlightened by. The research I had to do was crazy, but enjoyable. I have a poetry edition and you state for me to share one or two of my favorite poems, that’s hard because I have more than a few in this book. The three favorites are “Writing Heals” and “My Pen’s Position” and “My Life as the Sheet”.
What’s the one thing you want the readers to learn from your book?
What I want people to learn from my book are a few things: 1.) It’s never too late to follow your dreams. 2.) Never place your dreams in the hands of someone else without staying connected. 3.) Put in the work with anything you do because the rewards are endless and last but not at all least 4.) Have fun.
Outside of writing this book, I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?
I am involved with many other projects. Thanks for asking, no I don’t mind sharing them. I have created my company called Quanda’ Significance LLC, which specializes in greetings and decorative gift ideas and I’m currently in the process of getting ready to launch my very first line of greeting cards with my first theme called “Sometimes I Wish” this July of 2015.
I am also gearing up to create my own poetry segment that will be featured on my Youtube Channel called Until TV – slogan: You never know what you’ll see, on Until TV.
Do you plan on attending any events soon? If so, please tell us where you will be?
I am, however I’m still working on the particulars for each event I’ll be attending. But to read excerpts of my book, to find out my next move, events or interviews you can always visit my book blog called “I Just Want to Write!” at
How can the readers contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?
I have a website and readers can purchase my book and/or contact me on website .
What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?
The advice I have for someone starting out as an author is, keep a notebook to write down all of your ideas, be organized. Hone down all that you want to do, make a plan. Once you do that, make a list of all you need, find out the cost and begin pursuing your checklist.
Where do you see yourself five years from now if you continue writing books?
Five years from now, I see myself as a well-established writer in not just books but in many genre’s I’m constantly indulging in, like greeting card writing, speech writing, essay writing and so on. I do many things, but to be honest, it all reverts back to writing. My joy is writing, so writing whether it be five year from now, ten years from now or more, writing in every way that I desire, I’ll just be—a WELL –respected and established yet loved writer.
Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?
Yes. I wish you and many others great success, happiness and joy in your writing and other endeavors you pursue. Many blessings Love Until…


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