Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Awesomegang Interviews Author Until...

Awesomegang interviewed Author Until to find out all about her book, what inspires her, who is her favorite authors, favorite books and more. If you would like to read the whole interview please click the link:

If you would like to purchase Until's book I Just Want to Write! Please visit her website at
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mz. Jetz Interviews Author Until...

Author Until was interviewed by Mz. Jets and it was published today. Author Until gives her view on her book I Just Want to Write and discusses the main characters, her inspiration and what's next for her as an Author. Please explore below:

This article was published on Mz. Jetz on January 26 2015. To read the interview please click this link:
If you would like to find out more information on Until and to purchase her book I Just Want to Write. Please visit her website at
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Beauty and The Beat Radio Show Features Author Until...Video Just added!!!

Author Until was featured on Beauty and The Beat Radio Show January 21st of 2015 at 3:30pm. Until discussed her book I Just Want to Write and her company called Quanda' Significance llc, featuring their first new line of greeting cards with their very first theme entitled Simple Treasures

Simple Treasures is set to release at the end of January/early February of 2015.

If you would like to see the interview from Beauty and The Beat Radio Show featuring Until; please go to which will be streaming real soon. We will keep you updated. To find out more about Until and to purchase her book please visit her website at and to hear the Spoken-Word CD please visit
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C-Dyann Interviews Author and Poet Until...

Art Perspective: Until No More

I met Until a few years ago while working on a project together in Los Angeles. She has since become one of the friendly faces who helped me become adjusted to life in southern California this past year. Until recently put out a new project of her own and is here to talk about it.
C Dyann: Who is Until No More exactly?

Until: Until, is a poet first and just a creative force to be reckoned with. But also a person who is in love with life, people and experiences. It is my joy to be of help and an inspiration to others as well as be inspired by them. Until is a person who works hard to become a better person everyday, which is what writing poetry does, writing period, along with many other things; that is who she is.

C Dyann: When did you know that you were a poet?

Until: I knew I was a poet at the tender age of twelve.
C Dyann: When did you write your first poem?

Until: I wrote my first poem at twelve years old.

C Dyann: What do you think are the biggest obstacles for writers and poets in the 21st century?

Until: Time and intangibleness. People are so in a hurry, no one makes time for anything, they become out of touch. No time to reflect, just do. Everything becomes so convenient, technology replacing people. Attention span lessening, receiving messages we’re losing. Time and in-tangibleness, which to me are the biggest obstacles for us writers and poets in the 21st Century.

C Dyann: Tell us about your latest work.

Until: My latest work is called “I Just Want to Write!” which is my very first poetry edition. Written in three transitions, one, how I began, two, chasing my dreams and how you should to and three, the fun and imagination of it all. Written to inspire, motivate and arouse your imagination while at the same time inviting you into my world to get to know and become one with me.

C Dyann: Where can we expect to see Until five years from now and what will she be doing?

Until: Five years from now, I will have hoped to become a better person in all aspects; along with the publishing of more books, greeting cards and a few intellectual properties and more.

C Dyann: Where can folks go if they want to see you perform some of your work?

Until: My website, will have the occasional list of appearances. I’m around. I pop up in many areas and it may not always list them. So you’ll just have to catch me. Lol! But for now, people can see a teaser of my poetry and hear my spoken word CD on Until TV at

C Dyann: Until’s book can be purchased at her website: and the purchase price is $15.00. Thank you so much for your time Until!

This interview was published January 9th of 2015 on C-Dyann Designs "Art Perspective: Until No More" and to see the this interview link please go to:

Quote: Destiny. . .


Quote from the book "I Just Want to Write!":

You're blessed when your gift chooses you.
But you're destined when you choose it back.

 To purchase the book please visit the website at

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Day my Book was Published . . . I'm Fulfilled

The cover is beautiful unbeknownst to what you may see
  because what I'm viewing is the soul extension of me
  never believed this day would ever be

My book on the shelves in the company of others
  paper spine faced for all to see
     as it reads: I Just Want to Write!

That's all I've ever wanted to do.
Never saw myself, doing anything else,
 and though I did, it all reverted back to
   me . . . writing.

My feelings and opinions expressed
 the way I set it up to be communicated 
   beautifully, poetically, emotionally and intellectually
quenching your thirst to no longer be dehydrated

As my tears flow in happiness and I reach for my
   dream of fruition to buy 
      and sign it to myself

I think, so this is what it feels like to be an author.
I've been waiting for this moment since I was six years old, wow!!!

Thank you Lord . . .

For seeing that my goal was met
My path was set
  and my dream came true
     and I'm finally fulfilled.

(c) 2011
written by: Until...

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Writing Heals

Psychologically I was depressed
But I've let go of my issues

Therapeutically I was bounded
But I've released with tissue

Words describe
Every tear that I've cried

All the things I needed to face
That without pen and sheet I would have denied

If I never let go
Then I would never grow

Into a lady who's very aware of how she feels
Food for thoughts, are my meals

To write them down is my stamp, my seal
To share all that I've spilled

With my invisible quill
Which, is why, this poem is written in pencil

So that years to come
All on paper that I've poured

In years it will disappear
You'll remember, I'll remember it . . . no more


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(c) 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

My Audience : Thank You!

To United States and Ireland. I appreciate you. Happy New Year!

My Pen's Position

My pen, poor thing,
Carries the weight of my burdens
  and what a heavy weight to bear

Sometimes I feel my pen weakening
 from the troubles I share

Which means, my pen often breaks down
And of course I provide the maintenance
Until the dreary day comes
For me to replace it by permanently laying her down

Then bond all over again
  with a brand new different pen
For the new journey's and experiences
I shall begin and . . . wow!

I hate to admit it
However I do have a high turnover in that position
But not because I'm a terrible owner
More like because of it's mission

I live life to the fullest
Endure pain how I live
And since I'm a writer
This is the legacy I give

And it is told to me that I show great promise,
And will be on this earth a long time
So it is important that I record the events on my life

Because the expiration date is unknown
And my story has to be told
But only through mine eyes
And that is my pen's position . . . to tell my story

Written by Until...

Copyright 2014

To purchase Until's book "I Just Want to Write!" Please visit her website at

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Author Until says . . . Happy New Year 2015!!!

It's 2015!!! What??? That came so fast. Well, I know I'm ready to start new journeys, new ventures, accomplish new goals and endeavors and learn some new things on the way. Though I started the last two weeks of December getting ready to launch yet another project of mine, well, dream of mine. I can't help be a little nervous, a little excited but joyful too. I can't wait to share all of the details, but for now, I would like to introduce what's coming soon 2015:

My New Greeting Cards

Simple Treasures

One of the Slogans: 
"Because we know how you feel; so we know just what to say"

Happy New Year!!!


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