Monday, November 5, 2018

Exquisite Poetry Spit . . . Everybody Radio Poetry

This was a fantastic show. I loved the structure and set up and really enjoyed that I was allowed the opportunity to show my poetry chops. 😄

 If you would like to learn more about our my journey, the history I have with LaLa Deville/Everybody Radio Station and to hear poetry. 

Click the link below
Tune it.

Call in.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

With you "The Poet I am" Long After

The Poet I AM
In awe of me
When I take the stage
    to freely express what i need to speak

In awe of me
When I open thine lips
    to freely express the words on my sheet

In awe of me
When you see
    there is no paper
    there is just she

Sharing my memorized
   poetry ...
    but with...
Great tone
Great emphasis
   with great pause
When I pause
As you're hearing this

Serve you great rhythm
with my honesty and realism

   as I story tell
I project and enunciate well

You will get my gist
You will get my lesson
You will get my revelations
You will get my confession

I'm sultry
  and my spirit is a blessing
my light shines bright
and when i'm done
it' will be alright

You'll find that you could and can relate
You'll find that I was worth the wait
You'll find that when I'm gone
My words and all of me . . . have or will resonate
with you... long after

by Until. . .  (c) 2018-November 1st


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I am someone who is attracted to paper and aroused by my thoughts and feelings which are connected to my pen. I am someone who is enlightened by what I and others write down and often surprised about how I and others think. I am somone who believes that I am all that my poetry speaks, all that my poetry bleeds, all that my poetry reeks, all that my poetry feeds. Poetry is me. Therefore I am poetry. Until...