Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Struggles (will you overcome) excerpt

"Ever since I laid eyes upon that book and allowed my eyeballs to dance from page to page I've been inspired-stayed inspired, and I kept that book in mind when I came close to completion of my own project. On June 18th of 2005 I called Borders and special ordered that book to have my very own original copy. On June 20th I received my book and I'm happy to have it upon my bookshelf and be able to refer to it whenever I'm in need.

The book is called "For Writers Only" by Sophy Burnham; for it was inspirational, also a guide in my opinion for newly emerged writers such as myself, to pick and choose what's for you and hear about other people's mistakes and opinions of what some of the late greats thought about the lonely profession of writing through quotes from their previous work. That book was something I felt I needed since I was embarking upon an old but new journey, a long awaited dream of mine."

Author Until
Excerpt from her book  "I Just Want to Write!"

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