Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Newly Turned Author, Until...

Presents her very first poetry edition entitled:

"I Just Want to Write!"

Publishing date July 31, 2014. To pre-order your copy now please visit her website at

Until's Book Synopsis

"I Just Want to Write!-is a collection of poems and essays created to imprint the journey of my love affair with the three P's; pen, paper, and pencil. Which illustrates my dreams, ambitions and desires; with hopes of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting all who will read it. This is my soul inscribed for all to bear."


  1. This is INDEED beautiful and inspiring. YOU make me SMILE! with joy. What a magnificent journey you are on and I celebrate YOU!!!! <3

    1. OMG!!!! Thank you so much Urith. This means so much coming from you, because you're simply amazing. Thanks for celebrating me, as I celebrate you too! :D Until . . .

  2. Until... What an Amazing work of Art. You are Amazing and your words flow so flawlessly. I enjoyed reading this and it is a Coffee Table must. Love you Lots. Keep Writing and keep blessing us with your wisdom. ❤️-"ladybug"

    1. OMG! Thank you so much for your comment and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my words. Warms my heart and I'm humbled. Please do keep in touch. Fondly, Until . . .



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I am someone who is attracted to paper and aroused by my thoughts and feelings which are connected to my pen. I am someone who is enlightened by what I and others write down and often surprised about how I and others think. I am somone who believes that I am all that my poetry speaks, all that my poetry bleeds, all that my poetry reeks, all that my poetry feeds. Poetry is me. Therefore I am poetry. Until...